The Boat

The boat we use on our trips is what is know as a RHIB, rigid hull inflatable boat. It’s a Valiant PT-850, measuring 8,5 meters. In the back, we have an outboard Suzuki engine, 300hp. Her name? RISSO! (yes, just like the dolphin!)
It’s capacity is for 14 passengers plus 2 crew members.

RISSO is equipped with two VHF radios (mounted and portable); GPS plotter and a Hydrophone, as well as all the safety and security features and kit, mandatory by law: life-rafts, fire extinguishers, safety lights, anchors, etc.)

The choice of a RHIB is because

Did you know that you can hear the sounds made by cetaceans with a hydrophone?
With our Hydrophone, you will be able to hear the “clicks” of the Spermwhales and the “whistles” of the dolphins.