Fundamental Rules

Whale and Dolphin Watching Rules and Regulation are explicit  in a Regional Decree since 1999, and they are extremely importante, be it for the safety of those observing as well as for matters of respect for the animals, their dinamic and their Habitat.

During our briefing, before every trip, the law is referenced, since we considero f the utmost importance that the participants are aware of the main aspects of this activity. Knowing the “rules of the game” is fundamental to enjoy it.

Fundamental Rules:

  • Do not exceed the speed of the animals in more than 2 knots, keeping it steady.
  • The boats should sail parallel to each other, positioning themselves on a 60º angle, behind the animals.
  • Avoid direction and heading changes.
  • Maintain a parallel course, slightly behind de animals, so they may keep a 180º angle free ahead of them.
  • Avoid noises in the proximity of the animals that may disturb or attract them.
  • Exhausted the time of observation or whenever the animals reveal signs of disturbance, the boats should move beyond the observation área, behind the animals.
  • To get closer than 50 metres from any cetacean.
  • To remain in a 500 metres radius around na animal or group of animals que are motionless, resting or in labor.
  • To provoque the separation of the group of animals, mainly the calves.
  • To approach whale calves when alone on the surfasse, as well as, to approach whales with small calves, less than 100 metres.
  • The presence of more than 3 boats, in a 300 metres radius in the presence of dolphins, and 500 metres in the presence of whales.
  • To remain in the observation area beyond 30 minutes.
  • To approach the animals with a sail boat not using an engine.
  • The use of sonar, including the area outsider the observation zone.
  • The use of underwater motorized vehicles, in the área close to the animals.
  • To chase the animals.
  • To feed the animals.
  • To swim with the whales.
  • Pollute the Ocean with solid or liquid residues.

Licença de Operador Marítimo-Turístico nº 2/2008 emitida pela Secretaria Regional da Economia
Direção Regional dos Transportes Aéreos e Marítimos

Licença de Exploração Turística da Observação de Cetáceos (emitida anualmente)
Emitida pela Secretaria Regional da Economia – Direção Regional de Turismo

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