The Azores archipelago is na integral part of the Portuguese territory, and is located about 1500km from the coast of the mainland, right in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean. It´s made of 9 islands, all volcanic, started it´s formation approximately 12 million years ago.

The islands are characterized by it´s single Nature, blue and green landscapes, extinct volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls, building a scenic Paradise. Beyond these aspects, the islands are known for their dark sand beaches, clear ocean water, pleasant temperatures and for their quite and laid back lifestyle.

The Azores have been elected by Green Destinations as one of the Top 10
More Sustainable Destinations in the World

Where we are

We are based in the Island of Faial, where all our activities take place.

Horta Marina – In Faial, you find one of the busiest marinas in the world – Horta´s Marina fills with colour, result of the paintings on its walls, left behind by sailors from all corners of the world, wishing and hoping for a safe crossing and fair winds, became a tradition. It´s from the Marina we sail on our Whale and Dolphin watching adventures in a few possible directions: North, West and South coasts of Faial or even North or South of the neighbor Island of Pico.


Capelinhos Volcano – On land, the Island of Faial is notably known as being the home to the most recent european Volcano, active between 1957 and 1958. Beyond this, for the ones seeking adventure and nature lovers, dozens of quilometres of rugged trails, meandering the hilly interior of the Island, with fantastic views, including the amazing 10 Volcanoes Trail, with 21km.


Temperatures are pleasant, around 13,6ºC minimum and 22ºC maximum, throughout the year.

There is the possibility of rain and clouds on any given day, but during Summer, sunny periods are longer.
The Azores are known for their shifting weather – some say we can get the 4 seasons in one single day. 

What to do

The islands, given their location and natural characteristics, are the ideal place to relax, but also to go on adventures and enjoy unforgettable experiences, at Sea or on Land.

Our main mission is to provide our customers the best experiences possible, at Sea oro n Land, so they can enjoy the most of their passage by the Azores. Jeep Tours, Hiking Tours and Whale Watching are some of the experiences we offer.
You can check all the experiences available.

Azoreans are know as a hospitable and traditional people, with a simple, rewarding way of life. During the Summer, there are many celebrations and festivities on all the islands, in which you can get to know the habits, traditions, the costumes and the gastronomy of the region

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