The Trip

Our trip starts on land, more precisely with a detailed explanation (in multiple languages if necessary and possible) regarding the species we normally get to observe, and also addressing the safety and security issues. After getting the lookouts´ report, where the animals are, there we go, out to Sea!

Each trip, each outing, each tour are always unique. It is very importante to realize that there are no two trips alike!
This is because the changeable weather conditions, between the Morning period and the Afternoon, from one day to the other… the species themselves may be more abundant on one time than another… it may be sunny or more cloudy… and so on!

For us, each experience is not better nor worse than the previous, they are just different. Sometimes, we are surprised, because, beyond the great sea mammals visiting us, we can also get the chance to see Sea Turtles, Sun-fishes, Blue Marlin, shoals of Tuna, big and small.

One thing we are absolutely sure of, is that each experience is unique and special, making
the secreto of these activities the participation in multiple trips, and in different times of the year.
The Sea of the Azores is a “gift that keeps on giving”.
We can begin to unwrap the gift and never stop…